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Welcome to Eye Smile Clinic,
Dr. Trong-Qui Dao’s Dental
Clinic in Mississauga

We are dedicated to improve your overall health and help you achieve a beautiful, confident smile. We trust that preventive work and empowering knowledge about how your oral structures affect your dental health and well-being is the best long term investment on yourself.
Your time at Eye Smile Clinic is meant to be a warm and renewing experience as Dr. Dao and his dental team cater to your concerns for your oral health. Dr Dao’s team fosters connections with people among our community and help make a difference in their lives.

Check Why Our Clients Trust Us

Eye Smile Clinic is trusted and highly praised by patients for Dr. Dao’s exceptional professionalism and friendly demeanour. Clients feel well-informed and genuinely cared for, resulting in outstanding results and patient loyalty. See our reviews on Google to witness what sets us apart in Mississauga’s dental scene.
Allan DaoAllan Dao
19:07 17 Nov 23
May KhinMay Khin
18:48 13 Nov 23
Very welcoming environment , especially front desk young lady is very competent in administration process & reliable.
Lidya Lagala-MachadoLidya Lagala-Machado
20:56 20 Oct 23
Everyone is polite and helpful thank you.
Bashir YusufBashir Yusuf
21:03 16 Oct 23
The treatment was wonderful and the the experience was fantastic. Didn’t feel like being in dentist office at all.
Braden NguyenBraden Nguyen
15:18 13 Oct 23
Customer service and care by all team members (Dentist, hygienist and receptionist) were all fantastic. Relaxed and professional atmosphere. A+! If you are wondering where to park, you can park in the back of the building!
Justin PhamJustin Pham
08:31 22 Aug 23
The clinic provides excellent service. I rarely had to wait upon my arrival and my treatments went smoothly. Dr. Dao patiently explained what needed to be done and gave all necessary answers to my questions.
Ehab El-MaghrabyEhab El-Maghraby
17:18 12 Aug 23
The team is amazing! They are friendly, professional, and skilled. They cleaned my teeth, took x-rays, and explained everything to me. I felt safe and comfortable at their office. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist and hygienist in the GTA!
Guitaraoke HeroGuitaraoke Hero
18:36 25 Jul 23
Dr. Dao is the best dentist I've ever been to.Top notch work with a relaxed vibe at the right price.The staff is always very hospitable and professional.I would highly recommend Eye Smile Dental Clinic with a big smile with great teeth 🙂
Chris ElsonChris Elson
14:55 12 Jun 23
The staff are very friendly, Dr. Dao was fantastic. His work was impeccable. In early for my appointment and finished before I knew it. Everything was explained to me thoroughly regarding all my options. Very informative. Nice work Doc.

Dental Services for the Mississauga Community

At Eye Smile Clinic, we take pride in offering a complete range of dental services to meet your oral health requirements. Whether it’s a routine cleaning or a specific procedure, we’ve got you covered. 

Dental crowns are a durable remedy for decay, large fillings, or discoloration, ensuring a vibrant and healthy smile. Dr. Dao offers dental crowns made from materials such as metal, composite, and porcelain. These versatile solutions restore damaged teeth and maintain a natural appearance.
Veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or composite resin that stick to the fronts of teeth to enhance their appearance. Porcelain veneers are durable and stain-resistant but require two visits to apply. Composite veneers can be applied in one visit but may not last as long. Dr. Dao applies both types with care for a natural-looking result tailored to each patient.
Crafted from titanium, dental implants provide a long-lasting solution for missing teeth, blending in flawlessly with natural teeth. Patients with healthy gums and adequate jawbones can benefit from this treatment, and those who require additional support can opt for bone grafting. Dr. Dao stresses the importance of regular maintenance and check-ups to preserve their strength and aesthetic appeal.
dental service mississauga
Over time, teeth can naturally become discoloured. However, Dr. Dao has a variety of safe and effective whitening options available, ranging from surface treatments to bleaching. It is important to note that repeated treatments could have adverse long-term effects, and users should be mindful of potential sensitivity.
The accumulation of bacteria in plaque can result in periodontal disease, which can cause gum problems and tooth loss. Preventive measures such as regular brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash are crucial in mitigating this condition. Identifying individual risk factors and seeking consultation with Dr. Dao is vital in securing personalized and effective dental care.
Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that removes infected or dead pulp from a tooth, aiming to preserve it and prevent further complications. Dr. Dao conducts this procedure in 1 or 2 appointments to alleviate pain and infection. Proper care and regular check-ups are essential for the tooth’s longevity.
Dr. Dao in Mississauga offers dental fillings for cavities using metal amalgams or tooth-coloured composites, and glass ionomer materials. Regular check-ups help identify and treat decay promptly, safeguarding your natural smile.
At our Mississauga clinic, we perform tooth extractions to address severe damage or decay, prioritizing your oral health. While our preference is to preserve natural teeth, sometimes removal is essential for immediate pain relief and preventing further complications. You can trust Dr. Dao to guide you toward the best decision for your dental well-being.

It’s important to know that orthodontics does more than just improve your smile. It can also help with bite and jaw issues. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should be evaluated by age 7 to identify any potential future dental needs. With our expertise, we can guide early interventions to optimize dental health and aesthetics. Trust us to take care of your dental needs.

The Eye Smile Difference

Patients receive thoughtful dental care from our team at Eye Smile Clinic as we work to ensure they have healthy teeth and gums for alifetime. It is our mission to keep patients healthy, so we focus on educating them on the importance of preventive care that can save them from future costs and health problems. Making financial decisions about your smile is important. We will never recommend a treatment you don’t need. We will always guide you in the right direction.

Long-lasting treatments

Treatments designed to last, ensuring your oral health remains strong over time.

Oral hygiene education

Personalized empowerment through knowledge and skills needed to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Preventive Care

Proactive dental care to prevent dental issues before they become major problems.

Ethical recommendations

Honest and ethical treatment recommendations that prioritize your well-being over unnecessary procedures.

And become a member
of our healthy smile community!

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