for your next appointment at EyeSmile

  • Appointments will be spaced out to allow physical distancing between patients. It will also allow time for their office to be disinfected between each appointment. That might mean less flexibility for scheduling your appointment.
  • The day before your appointment your dentist or their staff will ask you questions to see if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. Your temperature will likely be taken with a touchless thermometer.
  • You will be asked to wear a mask or face covering while in the office except when you are being treated.
  • Dental staff will be wearing more protective gear than normal. This includes masks, face shields, and gowns. Your dentist must ensure that they have the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) before they schedule an in-person appointment.
  • You may be asked to limit the number of people you bring to the appointment with you. There are exceptions for small children and people who require assistance. If a parent or caregiver is allowed, they will also be subject to all screening measures.
  • You may be asked to wait outside the office and call when you arrive. You must then wait for a call back to let you know when you can enter.
  • The waiting room will not be open for everyone. Chairs will be spaced two meters apart. There will be no magazines, toys, or any other non-essential items in the dental office, as these are all difficult to disinfect.
  • Patients must wash their hands with a 70 to 90 percent alcohol-based solution, or soap and water, when they enter and leave the dentist’s office.